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Invented by a Nobel Prize winner almost nine decades ago, the Aga Cookers ability to create mouth watering food is widely celebrated. It’s also true that, by possessing a quite intangible and unique personality, the Aga has evolved into far more than just a cooker it’s a design icon that is as relevant today as it was innovative at the time of it’s invention.

A gentle way of life , in a world that moves at a thousand miles per hour, having an Aga in the kitchen is very special. How many conventional ovens can air laundry, boil the kettle, make perfect toast, dry flowers and herbs, even revive the odd baby lamb and all while cooking a flawless Sunday roast an Aga cooker becomes the heart and soul of your home.

Heart and soul of your home

Aga Cookers an Introduction

Every Aga cooker comes with a roasting oven and a simmering oven, a simmering plate and a boiling plate, each is always ready at the optimum for the type of cooking required. It’s the cast iron that makes this possible. It allows every Aga heat-storage cooker to store heat and steadily radiate it through the ovens and hotplates. Each cooking zone is at a pre-set heat for ease, convenience and stress-free use.Every Aga cooks throughout the range of temperatures, all types of cuisines. Finally the high level of insulation within the outer casting and each hotplate lid ensures fuel is used wisely and economically.


Aga Cooking

Ask any Aga owner and they’ll tell you that their food tastes infinitely better than dishes cooked in any other type of cooker. This is because the Aga cooker treats food differently, the cast iron ovens are excellent at retaining and radiating heat. The radiating heat at the start of roasting process seals the food, giving an excellent colour and keeps the meat within deliciously moist. The Aga has no dials to control temperature, each oven is always exactly the right temperature for the job. You can cook different types of food such as a fish dish and a cake in the same oven and the flavours won’t mix this is due to the unique venting system.

Aga Cooker : Anatomy

Boiling Plate – Boil water quickly, cook delicious stir-fries, toast or the perfect steak.

Simmering Plate – Holds 3 large pans, but you can also cook pancakes, toasted sandwiches, scallops and other foods directly on the surface.

Baking Oven – A moderate oven for baking cakes, biscuits, lasagne and any dish that requires slightly less heat than the roasting oven.

Roasting Oven – Used for roasting and high temperature baking, grilling and frying all with perfect results.

Simmering Oven – Perfect for slow-cooked dishes, such as casseroles, curries or slow-roasting meat, or steaming root vegetables and rice.


AGA Home Survey

A really important part of any Aga Cooker purchase is the Home Survey. Before ordering your new cooker, we offer this free service to ensure installation is carried out professionally and with minimum fuss. Both members of our experienced two strong Home Survey team Ian and Adam will of course be able to answer any questions you throw at them.

Plenty of advice will be forthcoming, but please don’t think a Home Survey is just about measuring up and talking technical, this is a great time to discuss all aspects of the Aga Cooker, from prices to cooking techniques.

10 reasons to fall in love with Aga Cookers

1. An Aga can really do it all – From quick stir fries to elaborate souffles, the Aga excels at every style of cooking.
2. Your Aga will become part of the family – With it’s gentle comforting warmth your Aga will become the heart of your home.
3. It’s a design classic – The Aga was voted in a BBC survey one of the top three design icons of the 20th century.
4. A colour to suit every kitchen – There are 13 colours to choose from in the Aga palette.
5. Big is beautiful – The Aga roasting oven is big enough for a 13kg bird.
6. Gentle heat cooking means finer food – The Aga treats food differently with indirect radiant heat locking in flavour and moisture.
7. A model for every lifestyle – From 2-oven, 3-oven. 4-oven or 5-oven there is an Aga for everyone.
8. Made in Britain – The Aga is made at a World heritage site in Shropshire the birthplace of the industrial revolution
9. 70% made from recycled materials – Aga are made from used materials, car gearboxes, guttering and old machinery are a few of the things re-used to build Aga’s.
10. Green – Recycled cookers that run economically and have low maintenance costs.

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