Aga Masterchef Cooker

For 90 years, AGA has devoted itself to the art of cooking good food. Whilst it’s true that a good ‘chef’ can cook anything well, the better the cooker the better the result – which is why Aga make the best cookers in the world. The Aga Masterchef Cooker is no exception.

Nobody understands the perfect blend of form and function better than Aga which is why the Aga Masterchef is built with all the inherent hallmarks of attention to detail, quality and design that can only be Aga. Aga offer a choice of conventional dual fuel or electric induction hob Masterchef cookers in 5 colours.

High performance cooking in the finest Aga tradition

Aga Masterchef XL Highlights

The Aga Masterchef displays timeless design quality that enables it to fit in to any style of kitchen. It’s classically simple, understated appeal will match any taste, from the contemporary to the traditional and is available in a choice of five colours to suit any kitchen. It is the epitome of understated elegance, perfect for anyone who aspires to owning an Aga but prefers the instant control of a conventional range cooker. With a choice of induction or gas hob together with three ovens and a glide out grill the Aga Masterchef is the perfect kitchen companion.

Masterchef features and oven functions

The Aga Masterchef has a number of key features that make this cooker stand out from the crowd, it is A rated for energy efficiency, has a separate grill compartment with a glide out grill system, Two 69 litre capacity ovens – one fan, one multifunction, a slow cooking oven and a choice of induction or gas hob. The multifunction oven has 8 cooking functions to choose from:

Fan Oven – Utilising the fan and the heating element around it this function is perfect for baking due to the even heat

Conventional Oven – Uses heat sourced from top and bottom of the oven which results in a natural convection process ideal for roasting.

Fan Assisted Oven – Utilising the conventional oven with the fan produces zoned cooking with the hottest zone at the top of the oven, perfect for cooking a roast dinner and apple pie for dessert at the same time.

Base Heat – Using the lower element only this method is perfect for slow cooking casseroles or crisping up your pizza base.

Fanned Grilling – Enables the door to be closed whilst grilling, which grills more evenly perfect for fish.

Browning Element – Great for browning off pasta dishes that are topped with cheese.

Defrost – This is a great way to speed up the defrost process as it uses the fan to circulate unheated air rather than use low temperatures, perfect for defrosting delicate foods gently, such as breads, desserts and cakes.

Rapid Response – Preheats the oven 30% faster than the standard fan oven setting.

Aga Induction: Masterchef

Using Aga induction could not be easier, powered by electromagnetism, induction technology heats only the pan and it’s contents, providing up to 90% efficiency. The induction hob also features pan identification that automatically detects when cookware is removed saving energy and improving safety.

It can take as little as five seconds for water to begin boiling on an induction hob, making it a much quicker option than gas or electric ceramic cooking and since there are no naked flames and only the pan and it’s contents are heated, induction is considered to be the safest hob type available. Lastly Induction hobs are easy to clean because the cooking surface is flat and smooth and because the surface isn’t heated, any spillages won’t burn on and so are easy to wipe clean.


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