Love your Aga Even More

Aga reinvent, restore, renew !

Now you can programme your Aga to suit your lifestyle. Until now you needed to buy a brand new AGA to be able to programme it. not any more. The introduction of a fantastic new upgrade means you can set your much-loved AGA to work exactly how and when you want it to.

As well as making sure you enjoy comfortable living and cooking temperatures all day long, this could reduce the amount of energy your Aga uses, meaning the environment can benefit too. This option is available on almost all Aga models; Gas, Electric or Oil.

Aga AIMS Controller

Aga Reinvent with AIMS

By using a stylish remote control, your Aga can sleep when you sleep and only operate at normal power when you need it. Not only does this program allow ultimate flexibility, it means even lower running costs.

  • Control the temperature in your kitchen
  • Enjoy lower settings in the summer
  • Switch the Aga off when you go on holiday
  • Start up ready for when you return home
  • Reduces your running costs

Aga Restore

Is your Aga so well loved – and well used – that it would benefit from a facelift? Perhaps you’ve damaged one of the hotplate covers with some over enthusiastic cooking, or want to change the Aga’s colour to match your own kitchen? If so, a huge array of authentic replacement parts are available to restore your Aga’s natural beauty.

Aga Renew

Have you always longed for an additional oven or a change of fuel type? Spillers can trade up your Aga to a new and improved model. We can also take your old model away and recycle it, so your Aga continues to live on.

Simple Steps to Bring Your Aga up to Date:-

  • 1. Call Spillers now on 01460 67878 to book a free home survey.
  • 2. One of our expert surveyors will visit to discuss the Aga Reinvent, Restore or Renew options and all it will cost is a cup of tea.

Your Cast Iron Guarantee

Authentic AGA products conform to rigorous quality standards and are fitted by our qualified AGA engineers. warranty periods cover labour for 1 year and parts for 5 years.

Please note: All upgrades are subject to a home survey and energy savings will depend on usage.

if you have any questions or just want to know more about upgrading your Aga call our friendly Aga sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 3 September 2014

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