Aga eR3 Cooker

The Aga eR3 combines typically beautiful Aga looks, cast iron radiant heat ovens (the secret to delicious results) and a host of innovative features that will make this one of the most flexible Range Cookers available today. Of course you don’t need to take our word for it. Come and see the eR3 at the South West’s premier Aga Centre Spillers of Chard.

Iconic design meets brilliant performance

Aga eR3 Ovens

Top Left – Cast Iron Roasting or Baking Oven. Get ready for succulent roasts, feathery pastries, ever-so-moist cakes and perfectly baked breads.

Top Right – Storage Space. How useful to have an area dedicated to oven shelves, trays (or anything else you need extra space for) close at hand within the cooker.

Bottom Left – Cast Iron Simmering Oven. An Aga speciality, this hugely important oven with 1001 uses will gently coax casseroles, soups, curries and Bolognese to tender perfection.

Bottom Right – Warming Oven. Not only does this oven warm plates and dishes, it’s the perfect space to keep food warm without drying it out.

Aga eR3 Highlights

The AGA cooker has long been described as a design icon and this new contemporary model draws strongly on its heritage. It is available in 16 colours, all with the beautiful enamelled finish the AGA is well known for.

On display at Spillers


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