How much does an Aga cost to run ?

Aganomics: The guide to Aga home economics

People fall in love with Aga’s as much today as they ever did, but naturally they want to know how much their Aga will cost to run and whether it suits their lifestyle. With rising energy costs and changing lifestyles, these are perfectly reasonable questions.

Aga are sensitive to this, and have worked hard over many years to find ways of keeping running costs down, and continue to do so. The truth about today’s modern Aga is that it can play its part in managing the household budget, and thousands of customers have already discovered that their Aga costs no more to run than a similar conventional cooker home.

Keeping the Aga up-to-date and in touch with modern lifestyles has also been important, Aga’s iconic design and proud British heritage make the brand instantly recognisable. But just like today’s lifestyles, Aga heat-storage cookers are not one-size-fits-all. With the introduction of the new second generation Aga Cookers including the Aga 60, Total Control and Dual Control cookers now gives the owner a greater flexibility with usage and cost.

So, how much does it cost to run an Aga?

Unlike conventional cookers, it’s really important to consider the multifunctional nature of an Aga, as it does so much more than cook beautifully. It can replace a whole host of kitchen appliances, as well as warm the home – replacing one or more radiators or under-floor heating. Today’s modern Aga is flexible enough to fit the lifestyle of everyone.*

*Please note this page is a guide and cannot reflect the exact amount it would cost to run an Aga in individual use cases as they all differ, it is to be used as a guide.

Every Aga

  • Cooks superbly
  • Looks fantastic – a stunning focal point in any home
  • Warms your kitchen and beyond – making radiators unnecessary
  • Provides constant, gentle warmth – driving away damp chills in your home
  • Largely replaces small appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves
  • Airs your clothes which in turn eliminates endless tumble drying
  • Acts as a magnet for your family and friends
  • Makes sense financially
  • Is environmentally responsible – made from scrap iron, has a very long life, is recyclable, and avoids the need to buy as much as £5000 of small appliances over the life of the Aga

Set out below is a table of Aga running costs and a table of costs you need not incur if you have an Aga:


How much could you save?

Kitchen appliance Weekly energy consumption Cost per unit (pence) Cost per week (£)
Heating (2 radiators – gas)* 140 – 280kW 3.52 4.92 – 9.85
Other appliances 54 – 77kW 14.72 7.94 – 11.33
Total cost per week (to the nearest 10p) 12.90 – 21.00</td

*Under-floor heating, as an alternative to gas fired central heating, can add a significant amount to energy costs.

In short, it doesn’t need to cost any more to run an Aga when compared to a kitchen with a conventional cooker.
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Published: 1 September 2014

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