Aga Heat Storage Models

Aga 2 oven Cooker

2 Oven Aga Cooker

The two oven Aga Cooker makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen, providing a unique and rewarding cooking experience. It may be compact, but two radiant heat ovens and two hotplates ensure this Aga will accommodate even the busiest of families.

Combine the two oven Aga with an Integrated or Freestanding Module. All Modules further extend the capability of the Aga with two electric ovens (including one fan oven) and the option of either a gas or electric four zone ceramic hob.

3 Oven Aga Cooker

The three oven heat storage Aga is the latest model to join the family. This Aga features the same compact dimensions as a 2 oven cooker, with the added versatility of a third ‘baking’ oven. It’s now possible to roast meats, bake delicious cakes and cook gently using the Aga simmering oven, all at the same time and without taking up large amounts of space in the kitchen.

In common with all Aga’s, the three oven model has two cast iron cooking plates hidden beneath a pair of distinctive, gleaming hotplate covers. It’s possible to further extend this Aga’s capacity by adding an Integrated or Freestanding Module

Aga 3 Oven Cooker

4 Oven Aga Cooker

4 Oven Aga Cooker

The four oven Aga works in exactly the same fashion as a smaller two or three oven model, but offers even greater flexibility…this is the ultimate range cooker. Features include separate ovens for roasting, baking, simmering and warming, two cast iron hotplates and a tremendously useful large warming area (which can be replaced with two electric or gas burners if required).

Whether cooking a simple, delicious Sunday roast for the family or a seriously elaborate Christmas dinner, the four oven Aga takes care of business with unwavering ease. If your kitchen has 1500mm to spare, is it really worth considering anything else. If four ovens aren’t enough, the optional Aga module with gas or electric hob and two electric ovens offers the perfect solution.

Aga Integrated and Freestanding Modules

For complete cooking flexibility, an Aga Module will add two electric ovens and a gas or ceramic hob to select Heat Storage Aga’s. Depending on personal taste and your preferred kitchen layout, choose to have a Free Standing or Integrated version.

Integrated Aga Modules – Two cookers in one – the Integrated Module is built with the same quality and attention to detail as the parent Aga, and attaches neatly to the left side of most two, three and four oven models. It is available in the same striking enamel colours (including the Signature Collection), but please bear in mind under certain lighting conditions a slight colour variation between cookers may be apparent. Spillers have a three and four oven Aga with Integrated Module on display at our showrooms in Somerset.

Freestanding Aga Modules – The Free Standing Module is designed to stand alone or fit within standard kitchen furniture. Measuring only 595mm wide, it can be sited anywhere in the kitchen as the perfect companion to your choice of Aga.

if you have any questions or just want to know more about traditional Aga heat storage models call our friendly sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom with it’s dedicated Aga Centre.

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Article by: Spillers of Chard
Published: 1 September 2014

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