Aga Demonstration Dates added for 2017

With the new year approaching fast we can now confirm our NEW Aga demonstration dates for 2017. We have added 25 new dates including, 3 x Aga bread school, 5 x Aga Christmas demonstrations and 2 x themed demonstrations (Autumn Entertaining and Aga Easter).

We have also added a new format for our standard Aga Cooker Demonstrations splitting them into two types, Aga ‘Sales events’ and Aga ‘New Owners’ demonstrations. This helps us tailor the event experience to the needs of the attendees with the Aga sales events aimed at potential Aga owners and New owner demonstrations aimed at new and existing owners and those who have inherited an Aga cooker.

Which Aga demonstration is right for you?

New for 2017 at Spillers we are now offering 2 types of Aga demonstrations – New Owner Demonstrations and Sales Events, both will be taken by experienced Aga chef David Pengelly and are detailed below.

Aga Sales Events

Aga demonstrations Sales Events perfect if you are thinking of buying an Aga

The perfect introduction if you are thinking of purchasing an Aga cooker

If you are thinking of investing in an iconic Aga Cooker these tailored sales events are a must. Each event includes an overview of the cooker, an explanation of oven and hotplate use and a technical explanation of installation requirements all whilst sampling an array of Aga cooked delights from our Aga chef David Pengelly. Meet our Aga sales team including our experienced site surveyors who will be on hand to answer any questions.

  • Aga Cooker Introduction and Overview
  • Explanation of Oven and Hotplate use
  • Technical Explanation of Installation requirements
  • Experienced Aga sales team and site surveyors on hand to answer any questions
  • Sample delicious Aga cooked food
  • All within a friendly relaxed environment

Aga New Owner Demonstrations

Aga New Owner Demonstrations

Ideal for new or existing owners or those who have inherited a cooker

These events are the perfect choice with new owners, existing owners or those who have inherited a cooker. Aga chef David Pengelly will be on hand to answer any questions and there will be a chance to sample some fabulous Aga cooking. Offers on Aga cookware will be available on the day.

  • Lots of new hints, tips and recipe ideas
  • Special offers on Aga cookware
  • Get to share your experiences with new and longstanding Aga customers
  • Sample delicious Aga cooked food
  • All within a friendly relaxed environment

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