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It was 1932 when Spillers first began selling, installing and servicing the Aga family of iconic products. Nearly eight decades on, more people than ever are placing the legendary brand at the top of their kitchen wish list. New models like the Aga Dual Control, Aga Total Control and Aga 60, have made the Aga more accessible and flexible than ever before, with different sizes and lower running costs, but always with the same unmistakable ability to cook like only an Aga can.

See the latest Aga cookers in real working kitchens, including the new Aga 60 and popular Electric Dual Control.

The showroom at Spillers provides a fascinating Aga experience, with real working kitchens displaying lots of different models, including the Aga 60 in both a traditional and contemporary design. See all the enamel colours, watch a delicious cookery demonstration or two and get lots of technical or culinary advice.

“Thankyou for the delightful morning spent here. Great coffee and cake and loads to think about”

“First visit here,wow. We have been so well looked after. We will be ordering our Aga. Thankyou. PS Delicious food and drink”

“Amazing demonstration, plenty of ideas to try at home. Thank you David and team”

– Spillers Visitors Book Comments

Explore the showroom before you even get here

Why not explore the showroom from the comfort of your own home? Our new Google Virtual Tour allows you to do just that. So whilst we think our 12,000 square foot kitchen destination is the perfect place to begin your Aga journey, now you don’t have to take our word for it.

To book a free Aga home survey, please call and talk to a member of the Spillers Aga Sales team.

Aga Cooker Colours
  • Dual Control Aga Gas Cooker
    Aga 5 Oven Dual Control Cooker
    The Aga 5-Oven Dual Control cooker is similar to the traditional Aga keeping the iconic design, great craftsmanship and durability whilst adding flexibility, reduced running and servicing costs, with a fuelling choice of either electric or gas ovens and electric hotplates.

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  • Aga Six Four Cooker from the S Series
    Aga Six Four Range Cooker
    Owning an Aga Six Four offers you huge flexibility and freedom – both in terms of how you cook and where you position the cooker. You can put it against practically any wall, install it in an island unit or even stand it alone. It’s all about ease, it’s all about living, it’s all about […]

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  • Interesting Aga Facts and green issues
    Aga Facts & Green Issues
    If you’re concerned about green issues or fluctuating energy prices, take a look at these interesting Aga facts.

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