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The Heat Storage Aga Cooker has rightly become a modern day icon, but six other products exist within the Aga family that are certainly worthy of attention. The Stunning New Aga Total Control Cooker, Conventional Range Cookers like the SIx Four or Masterchef, world class Refrigeration and Wine Storage products and heart warming Stoves full of character. On top of all this, the fabulous Aga Cookshop Collection features a vast selection of must-have kitchen essentials and highly desirable accessories.To find out more about the various products from Aga, try clicking one of the links below. Naturally, the entire Aga family can be found on display at Spillers, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the Spillers Aga team on 01460 67878.

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Range Cooking demonstrations, Aga Demonstrations, at Spillers Chard Somerset
  • Aga Entertaining

    Aga Entertaining

    Wed, 22nd October 2014

  • Aga Demonstration

    Aga Demonstration

    Fri, 7th November 2014

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