Miele Extractor Hoods

Stunning Perpectives For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the most socialble room in the home and with this in mind it is understandable the need for an effective extractor to be functional but also look great. Miele Extractors offer power, performance, and functionality with a host of innovative features that will help to make your time in the kitchen that little bit more relaxed.

With a choice of wall mounted, ceiling extractors, integrated and island hoods in sizes ranging from 50cm – 120cm, the option to customize the Hood height, colour and width there is a Miele hood to suit every type of room.

The perfect micro-climate

Miele Extractor Hoods come with a number of useful features and functions from the ability for Hob and Hood to communicate with Con@ctivity, stainless steel grease filters that are dishwasher proof, Soundproofed mats for minimal noise and the ability to customize the Hood on request.

Miele Extractors – Con@ctivity

Exclusive to Miele, the Con@ctivity system enables the hood to communicate with a Miele Hob, as a result the correct extraction rate is automatically selected for optimum results. This leaves you free to spend your time and concentration on cooking and entertaining.

Miele’s Three Extraction types

During cooking and in particular when frying, vapours are given off which are a mixture of steam, particles of fat and odours. If the air is not extracted these vapours reamin in the room and affect the kitchen environment. Over a period of time this will effect the kitchen furniture, soft furnishings, paintwork and all the places grease and vapours could settle. The following three options are used by Miele to effectively clean the air.

Extraction Mode – highly efficient at removing vapours.

Extraction Mode (with external motor) – effective and particuarly quiet.

Recirculation Mode – simple and efficient.

if you have any questions or just want to know more about Miele Extractor Hoods call our friendly sales team on 01460 67878 or visit our showroom.

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