Kitchen Worktops – Everything From Granite to Wood at Spillers

The ultimate display of work surfaces, anywhere

The kitchen showrooms at Spillers are an excellent place to experience a wide range of worktops – with Granite, Engineered Stone (or Quartz), Wood, Laminate and Glass all used extensively throughout the kitchen displays, working with worktop manufacturers such as Landford Stone. The large number of real room settings also allows the most popular work surfaces to be seen full size, in all their glory.

Choosing the right worktop is a big decision that will depend on many factors, including budget, lifestyle, taste and so on. Every Spillers designer will be happy to advise on this important aspect of the design, explaining the benefits of each material in detail.

Choose from the navigation bar on the left to experience each type of surface and learn some of the pros and cons, but please don’t hesitate to call should any questions arise. Also, the News section is full of information regarding additions to the showroom, new products, special offers and more.

  • rangemaster-sxs-fridge-freezer
    Rangemaster SXS Fridge Freezer
    The Rangemaster SxS Fridge Freezer boasts A++ efficiency and a generous net capacity of 552 litres of storage enough to meet the needs of any family.

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  • Rangemaster DxD Fridge Freezer
    Rangemaster DXD Fridge Freezer
    With a total net capacity of 522 litres, the Rangemaster DxD French door fridge freezer is perfect for today’s modern family, beautifully designed with plenty of space, flexibility and innovative technology.

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