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Aga cookware is made in the historic Coalbrookdale foundry by dedicated people committed to quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The staff have a real pride in the cookware they produce and it’s not uncommon for three generations of a family to work side by side at the Coalbrookdale foundry.

An amazing cooker with an amazing range of cookware. Developed by experts, the cookware ensures the best possible results. From pots and pans to kettles and bakeware, the Aga range has style, quality and flexibility.

Call our Cookshop today on 01460 67878 to find out more or drop by for a closer look. Whilst browsing the shop, enjoy a complimentary cup of filter coffee and a freshly baked Aga cake or biscuit.

Aga Cast Iron Cookware

The Aga-owned foundry in Shropshire continues this tradition, designing and manufacturing uniquely beautiful cast iron by dedicated craftsmen. Aga cast iron cookware retains heat perfectly, radiating onto the food to lock in flavours and succulence during cooking. It is the perfect oven to tableware keeping food warm and looking stylish. The highly durable, fully enamelled finish on the exterior and acid resistant enamel coating on the interior ensures your Aga cookware remains as stunning as the day it was bought. The collection of cast iron cookware can be used on any heat source including induction.

One of the must items, for every cook, is the 28cm saute pan with separate stackable lid. High sided and with a removable handle, the pan is great for stir fries, braising meat and sauteing vegetables.

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