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The four oven Aga works in exactly the same fashion as a smaller two or three oven model, but offers even greater flexibility...this is the ultimate range cooker. Features include separate ovens for roasting, baking, simmering and warming, two cast iron hotplates and a tremendously useful large warming area (which can be replaced with two electric or gas burners if required).

Whether cooking a simple, delicious Sunday roast for the family or a seriously elaborate Christmas dinner, the four oven Aga takes care of business with unwavering ease. If your kitchen has 1500mm to spare, is it really worth considering anything else.

If four ovens aren’t enough, the optional Aga module with gas or electric hob and two electric ovens offers the perfect solution. To explore the four oven Aga in greater detail, click any of the key features below.

Key Features
Green 4 oven Aga Cooker

The Roasting Oven is found in the top right position of every Aga Cooker. The temperature is a scorching 240ºC (480ºF) and heat comes from the top and bottom, both sides, the back - heat is even reflected from the door giving a truly all round performance.

Meat cooked in the centre of this oven will retain a wonderful succulence because of the intense radiant heat. Place food near the top for delicious grilling - without using an element. The oven floor, which can be cooked on directly, is used for shallow frying and different pastry dishes (no need to blind bake ever again!)

The moderate temperature found in the Aga Baking Oven, about 180ºC (375ºF) is ideal for cakes, biscuits and other foods not requiring a seriously high heat. It’s also possible to roast meats here. As with the Roasting Oven, the top is hotter than the bottom which will affect the positioning of various foods. For example, place small cakes or lasagne near the top, baked fish, crumbles or roulades in the centre and Victoria sponges and shortbread towards the bottom. Many items cooked in the Aga Roasting Oven can be cooked in the Baking Oven, but for a longer time.

It is supremely useful to have an oven in which things rarely come to any harm, and the Aga Simmering Oven, kept at a gentle 110ºC / 220ºF fits the bill wonderfully. Casseroles, Stews, Soups and Stocks will slowly reach perfection and there is no better place to cook root vegetables or rice. A couple of favourites are Steak and Kidney Pudding or Traditional Greek Moussaka, but there are hundreds more. This oven can also be used for warming.

The gentle heat of the warming oven is ideal for warming plates and serving dishes. This oven will keep cooked joints of meat at the right temperature while waiting to be carved and will also keep sauces and covered meals warm for any late arrivals.

The warming oven can be used in somewhat similar ways to the simmering oven despite having a lower temperature.

The left hand boiling plate is used when a really intense heat in required. An electric kettle and toaster are two appliances Aga owners can easily do without. The Aga will boil water in a jiffy and having famous Aga toast for breakfast is a treat everyone should try at least once.

Here you will also boil green vegetables, grill meat (for amazing results, use the Aga cast iron ridged pan) and if you enjoy using a wok, the Aga boiling plate is the best place to get stir frying.

Next to the Boiling Plate lies the Simmering Plate. This has a far gentler heat, which makes it ideal for heating milk or making sauces. A favourite use for most owners is to griddle scotch pancakes or make a quick toasted sandwich. Fry an egg here with no oil and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without an Aga in the first place. Remember to use a piece of Bake-O-Glide for absolutely no mess!

For many 4 oven Aga owners, the warming plate provides an extremely useful extra helping hand in the kitchen. Never be short on space when taking something hot from the oven, keep plates, the kettle or gravy boat warm, leave dough to rise majestically - even open stubborn jam jars easily thanks to the gentle warmth.

If you wish, an optional smart two zone ceramic or gas hob can replace the warming plate.

Width: 1487mm
Depth: 679mm
Height: 851mm

Many Aga's sit on a metal or concrete plinth to ensure a finished height closer to that of a standard work surface. Please remember, these measurements are only a guide. For a complete Installation Instructions booklet, contact our Aga department on 01460 67878.

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