Welcome to the Aga Capital of the Country

It was 1932 when Spillers first began selling, installing and servicing the Aga family of iconic products. Nearly eight decades on, more people than ever are placing the legendary brand at the top of their kitchen wish list. New models like the Dual Control, Total Control and City60, have made the Aga more accessible and flexible than ever before, with different sizes and lower running costs, but always with the same unmistakable ability to cook like only an Aga can.

See the latest models in real working kitchens, including the new Aga City60 and popular Electric Dual Control.

The showroom at Spillers provides a fascinating Aga experience, with real working kitchens displaying lots of different models, including the Aga City60 in both a traditional and contemporary design. See all the enamel colours (even Rose Pink), watch a delicious cookery demonstration or two and gets lots of technical or culinary advice.

To book a free Aga home survey, please call and talk to a member of the Spillers Aga Sales team.

  • 10 Interesting Aga Facts
    10 Interesting Aga Facts
    1. The Aga was invented by a nobel prize winning physicist, Nils Gustaf Dalén (30 November 1869 – 9 December 1937) was a Swedish Nobel Laureate and industrialist. Most of the testing for the cooker was made in his private kitchen (so theres nothing holding you back).

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  • SxS Aga Fridge Freezer
    Aga Side by Side (SxS) Fridge Freezer
    The NEW Aga SxS Refrigerator boasts all the latest technology with digital temperature controls, electronically controlled filtered water and ice dispenser that offers cubed or crushed ice. The New Aga SxS is perfect for any sized family with 552 net litres of storage. SxS Features The Aga SxS has a number of useful features such […]

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  • French Door DxD refrigerator from Aga
    Aga DxD Refrigerator
    With a total capacity of 557 litres (19.7 cubic feet), the new DxD French Door Fridge-Freezer from AGA is big enough to cope with the demands of any family life.

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